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Family is always a good place to start

I like to say goodnight.


I’m new around, but I’m eager to get to meet each and everyone here. So I will start with a little about myself: goodnights are great.

Don’t know when I learned this habit, but I appreciate it. Don’t know how many more are left for loved ones, so each one counts.

I regret never saying goodnight to grandpa. Never having that chance. Not being as appreciative of the time I have left with the people I love.

It’s been more than a year now, but every now and then I still get teary. Getting teary is not equivalent to sadness; it’s more missing the man who had once left everything for a new start.

In the family story; he outwitted some pirates on the way to this new life. Brings a little smile sometimes, thinking about grandpa standing off pistol-to-pistol alongside a red-hooded Johnny Dee…Jack Sparrow. His neatly thinned comb-over contrasting next to those shaggy braids.
That kind of image. Can you imagine that?

All those opportunities his hands pulled for the family after reaching this new life.

Grandpa taught me many lessons. Of the many he taught me:-

Be comfortable, not excessive

Excessive wants should be met with comfortable likes.


His words etch their way into my soul.

Will you share a few words with me?


Well here’s to you grandpa. Thinking of you always and forever. Goodnight



I want to get published. I want to show that rule-abiding isn’t the only way to success. To strive for yourself: that in itself becomes meaningful. The risks and gambles suddenly carry more weight than before. Each a new hope that can bring you closer to that day you planned. The most important thing is however, and often the most overlooked aspect, is that it’s perfectly acceptable to be wrong. To change your mind somewhere along the way; so long as it’s not a lie to protect yourself from pain. 

I don’t feel at all like I’m wrong. 

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I Care

It’s been a while.

I think I’d like to talk about something that popped into my mind recently regarding Buddhism. I mean, it’s quite the amazing lifestyle that seems not to condemn others to abide by their rules, for fear of punishment; it assumes we always suffer this dukkha, which seems quite accurate.

Like, how many people can live without a moment of grief in their life?

Simple… Buddhism eliminates suffering.

But the question is how.

Helping in Hong Kong University assignments has exposed me multiple times to the concept of the four noble truths. Guidelines that seem to allow oneself to actualise to a state without any suffering. The downside is that is all seems to point to removing any detachment.

Something that’s really quite hard, and something that seems very much like dying to me. I mean, my own distinction between the living and the dead is the ability to make and act on a choice (sorry indecisive people). So if choices no longer matter then, how can one be considered living?

Some more food for my thoughts I guess.

But for now, I care.

I care for my family.

I care for my friends.

I care for all of it.


A New Fight.

Right here. Right now.

I have an offer for you. Interested?



Thats’s it. Trade comfortable for something more colourful and come outside of those walls that box you in.

What? You will fail?

Yeah you will.

Shame and embarrassment will stalk you at every corner. From who though? Who can’t you face for failing? Your boss? Your crush? That gossiping Jerry that’d still be able to find something to complain about?

Do you just stand there? Being the sensible and playing nice in conventional. Sit high and look pretty as you look down on me from your superiority at being risk-less ordinary.

Do you stay to drown misery in whiskey? Or do you still want to try? To leave the norm and break it all.

So… my offer?

I’m leaving…




We have a fight to win.


Less is More

Been through a few thoughts lately.
Sharing one that sticks from the times I’m writing.

Imagine two passages,
they tell the same story; portray the same feeling, and invite the same engagement.

one is 10 words

the other is a hundred

I should write for me, so, the former the preferred option.
Yet somehow, I always slip to the latter.

Too often, too much is used to paint perfection into a frame.
Unless the plan is to paint a wordy starry starry night, the point must go on.

Too many words get lost. A shadow of uneventful inky letters that clouds a story.
Read a few lines that make you think, to imagine or induce thought before leaving you to the deep abyss of a mind; their mind, your mind, some mind.

Ignore that word count and just finish the story.

Less is more.


Make a choice.


Moving through life, I have made some right choices by my parents. Though, sometimes I have left their advice behind too. Advice that stems from:-

‘We have put in the hard work so you can have an easy life son.’

Just listen and you’ll be happy. Jump into a career that isn’t your fathers; sit comfortably while you make your life. Love will follow. It’s the way to go. Weave through life my way, because my experience has shown me that is it the way. It is the RIGHT way.

Right into school. Left the value of school grades. Right into a renowned school. Left enthusiasm of homework for anime and games. Right into university. Left the career choice of engineering for something enjoyable. Right in completing a degree.

Now I am here; with a cohort that has similar things to say. The more I hear people talking, the more there is a persisting theme. To move forward this next step, you only seem to have one choice.

The ultimatum of a young adult:-

Career or Passions?

The people around me have caught

on to the term quarter life crisis.

I have no passion for this; she says.


But nothing can be done without money.

When will I feel myself again doing the things I love?


Do you go right? Do you go left?


I heard a story about an apprentice woodcutter who had the greatest of motivations. He chose the right path of career. He started cutting the most trees; initially. The second week he works just as hard, yet his performance reduces. By the third, he has dropped to the bottom tier in terms of numbers despite extra effort without taking lunch breaks.

When confronted about his performance, the apprentice was unsure why more work left him with poorer results.

‘Did you take the time to sharpen your axe?’

Getting the job done is more important than anything to the man. So he spent all his time on cutting trees without anything else. Rushing to become the best and most effective.

This isn’t the time to rush. What drives us down this path? Yes, time is ticking, but. There is no real need for the answer tomorrow. Something as important probably wouldn’t just take a week to pop up; though it can happen. Fast-tracked lifestyle in this modern world needs to slow down to take this seriously.



I choose neither left nor right. I choose to stay right here.

For the time being.


Think, think, think

No. You’re wrong. You can’t do that.

No, I can’t think in this way. It’s WRONG. You won’t get anywhere with that. You can’t. No. Just can’t. Zero. You have to write it this way. That’s better. Now if you use more advanced ideas. Yes, you must use similes and metaphors. Hyperbole is good too.

Probably the most I got out of English classes during school no thanks I like my own voice in a not so narcissistic way and I will ruin grammar however I’d like when I want to and it’ll be me.



Sort of in a Mark Z. Danielweski way

“I’ve come to believe errors, especially written errors, are often the only markers left by a solitary life: to sacrifice them is to lose the angles of personality, the riddle of a soul. In this case a very old soul. A very old riddle.”

There’s a soul in your words.


A sort of power in them too.

Some powers can be real.


Mitch Albom

“Death, on paper, would come when they wrote it came.”

Who is authorised to make such a claim on paper?

Others more discreet with Orwell’s newspeak

Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed, will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.”

You can’t think without the right expressions.

It’s like how I couldn’t find myself writing in this blog away from a laptop.



What’s more important; perfection or personality?

What sort of books do you prefer to read?





“Did you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?”

A.A. Milne.